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Clean Boating Resources

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We officially observe Earth Day on April 22, but as most of you nature lovers know, EVERY day is Earth Day.  Whether you're land-based with a boat or living on the water, making mindful consumption choices benefits us all, for generations to come.

Here are five easy and practical suggestions for boaters from the California’s Boating Clean and Green Program, an initiative by California State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways and the California Coastal Commission.

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Reduce your use of toxic cleaning products.Chooseless toxic cleaning products, such as non-phosphate, biodegradable cleaners. Click here to learn how to find less toxic, less volatile, more biodegradable products.


Plan Ahead. Dump at the Pump! Properly disposing of boat sewage makes a difference in water quality and the aquatic environments or waterways we all enjoy! Check out this informative video, then download the FREE Pumpout Nav APP to locate your nearest pumpout and dump station and more.


Stow it, don’t throw it.Using reusable coffee mugs, canvas shopping bags & aluminum water bottles are just a few simple ways you can implement when we are allowed to start boating. Wanna learn more from home? Grab the kiddos, claim your favorite spot on the couch and hit the play button here!


Recycle, Collect, Report.Take the necessary steps to perform spill-proof oil changes and recycle your used oil and oil filters. Always use oil absorbents and dispose of them as a hazardous waste by visiting your County Household hazardous waste collection center or marina offering this service. Remember to never use soap to disperse fuel and oil spills; it increases harm to the environment and is illegal. Be ready and receive yourCA Boater kit. Wanna get your hands on one? Watch this video, we'll tell you how!


Be a leader. Encourage others to adopt “green” habits.