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Friday Evening Programs

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Fall 2019

  • September 13: The Art of Dying Well, presented by Katy Butler
  • September 20: Fire in Sausalito! A panel discussion hosted by the Sausalito Historical Society
  • September 27: Bogart and Bacall : A True Love Hollywood Romance, presented by Peter Robinson
  • October 4: The Bolinas-Fairfax Road: The History of One of Marin’s Most Scenic Roads, presented by Brian Crawford
  • October 11: Scandals and Mysteries in Hollywood History - Part II , presented by Jan Wahl
  • October 25: Heath Ceramics, hosted by Robin Petravic
  • November 1: Finding the Bunny, presented by Samantha Paris. Rescheduled to January 17, 2020
  • November 8: Chasing Ships: An Inspector's Perspective, presented by Captain Craig Thomas

Spring 2019

  • March 15: The Ships That Built the West, presented by Olaf Engvig
  • March 22: The Houseboat War That Didn't Happen, presented by Michael Rex
  • March 29: Enid Foster: Sausalito's Greatest Forgotten Artist, presented by Allan Hayes
  • April 5: Shipwrecks of Marin, presented by Brian K. Crawford
  • April 12: Remembering Grace Kelly, presented by Peter Robinson

Winter 2019

  • January 18: Gatsby Revisited: Flappers and Philosophers, presented by Peter Robinson
  • January 25: The Waldo Grade: Highway Through the Hills, presented by Mike Moyle
  • February 1: Scandals and Mysteries in Hollywood History, presented by Jan Wahl
  • February 8: Vanishing Coral (2018), a film by Stephen Olsson
  • February 15: Women at the Helm (2018), a film by Helen Vandeman
  • March 1: Sausalito and Experimental Film, presented by Dominic Angerame

Fall 2018

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  • September 28: In Dover Until It Was Over: Swimming the English Channel (twice!), presented by Melissa Blaustein
  • October 5: California's Coast: Living on the Living Edge, presented by Kim Steinhardt
  • October 12: Celebration & War: Sausalito’s Houseboat Community in the 1970s, presented by Bruce Forrester
  • October 26: Sterling Hayden, co-sponsored by the Sausalito Historical Society
  • November 9:  Ghosts of the Golden Gate, presented by Ted Barone

Fall 2017

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  • September 22: Marinship Workers in Conversation: C.D. Madsen, Ed Madsen, and William Thurman.
  • October 6: Hints of Grace: The Rebirth of Freda, presented by Bob Darr
  • October 13: Honeybees, presented by Jennifer Berry
  • November 3: Owls: Spies in the Sky with Robert Timineri

Spring 2017

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  • March 31: Spring Dance, featuring the Maligrad Contemporary Dance Company
  • April 7: A Visit with Sportscaster Barry Tompkins
  • April 14: The Coyotes of Sausalito, presented by Jennifer Berry
  • April 21: Cows in Sausalito? with Mike Moyle

Fall 2016

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  • October 7: Peter Van Meter: Apollo 1 – America's First Manned Space Fatalities
  • October 14: Jan Wahl: Shining Moments of Hollywood's Biggest Stars
  • October 21: "Guitar Man" Michael Indelicato
  • October 28: Captain Tuuli Messer-Bookman: Maritime Salvage
  • November 11: David Gockley in Conversation

Spring 2016

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  • April 1: The History of Caledonia Street: Golfers, Gangsters and Garages -- presented by Mike Moyle
  • April 8: Craig Thomas: Ship Traffic on the Bay
  • April 15: Remembering Evan Connell
  • April 23: Maligrad Contemporary Dance Company
  • April 29: Behind the Bark: What Sea Lions Have to Tell Us about the State of our Coastal Waters -- presented by Dr. Jeff Boehm of The Marine Mammal Center

Fall 2015

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  • September 18: Peter Grazier and Nance Cheifetz: The Magical Adventures of the Kindness Van, Bodhi
  • September 25: Mike Moyle and Larry Clinton: Where's Waldo? The North End of Sausalito, Then and Now
  • October 2: Chris Gallagher: Sausalito and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • October 9: Neal Gottlieb: Incorrigibly Delicious
  • October 16: Bill Broder: Belief: A Novel and Six Hands Clapping

Spring 2015

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  • April 10: Jan Wahl: Movies That Changed Our Lives
  • April 17: Lily Yoseph: Tangible Hope
  • April 24: Jason Winfield: An Evening with Alan Watts
  • May 1: Remembering Shel Silverstein
  • May 8: Steven Wiig Presents Dead Metaphors

Fall 2014

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  • September 19: Larry Clinton: The History of the Marinship District of Sausalito
  • September 26: Bill Palmini: A Rookie Cop vs. the West Coast Mafia
  • October 3: A Tour of Sausalito’s Wooden Boats with Victoria Colella
  • October 10: Chang Chang Chang: a Celebration of Elephants with Robert Timineri
  • October 17: Bill Broder: Two Russian Bicycles

Spring 2014

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  • March 14: John Kehoe: A World of Chocolate
  • March 21: Robert Haley: The Road to Zero Waste
  • March 28: Bill Kirsch and Terence Clark: The Sea Lion and the Sculptor
  • April 4: Lea Gulino: Tales from the Booth
  • April 11: Terri Thomas: Nature in Your Backyard

Fall 2013

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  • September 27: Alex Leviton: The Secret Life of a Travel Guidebook Author
  • October 4: Stephen Olsson: Global Spirit
  • October 11: Joe Tate: Adventures with the Reglegs
  • October 18: Marianne Dolan: Houseboat Wars
  • October 25: Marc and Doreen Gounard: Circumnavigators  [video]
  • November 1: Barry Brukoff: Photographing Ruins
  • November 8: David Wronski: Tor des Geants

Spring 2013

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  • March 29: Megan Papay, fashion designer and entrepreneur
  • April 5: David Wronski, ultramarathoner
  • April 12: Paolo Salvagione, artist and engineer
  • April 19: Gordie Nash, sailboat racer and rebuilder
  • April 25: Maria Finn, author and journalist 
  • May 3: Amy Novesky and Bethanie Murguia, children's book authors
sau people nash 620x245

Gordie Nash at the Sausalito Public Library on April 19, 2013