First Monday Book Group

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Thank you for your interest in our book discussion group.  We are currently at full capacity.  If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please contact Augie Webb at 415-289-4121, x501 or

brief life 2

First Monday Book Group, 1st Mondays, 2:30pm

Next: July 8, 2019 Conference Room
(main floor of City Hall)

What we're reading:

by Carolyn Zaroff



From the publisher:  Bekah is a Ute Indian who was just a little girl when her cousin, Durano left the tribe to live in Santa Fe to learn the language of the new people and the ways of the Americans and Spanish. Now he is an eighteen-year-old who is seemingly ready to accept his destiny, even thought there is much about him that members of his tribe, including Bekah's brother, both envy and hate. It is 1849 when seventeen-year-old Russian Jew, Benjamin Perlov, arrives in San Francisco, hoping to begin anew. As Durano steps into his role as Ute Indian chief, his life eventually intersects with that of Perlov who quickly becomes a friend of the Utes. As Perlov negotiates with the government so the Utes can remain on their ancestral lands instead of on new reservations created to ensure gold miners can stake their claims to Indian territory, fate leads him to Bekah's arms and what he hopes is a future filled with love, hope and new beginnings

Past novels have included:

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