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Books and Programs for Preschoolers & Toddlers

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The Library now has story time two days a week!

Toddler Story Time with Molly
Edgewater Room, 10:00 &  11:00 a.m.
Stories and songs! Perfect for children ages 3 and younger, and their caregivers

Toddler Story Time with Eliya
Edgewater Room, 9:40 & 10:40 a.m.
Perfect for children ages 3 and younger, and their caregivers


The Library has a growing number of lists of recommended books:

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Here is a link to the Unity.Kindness.Peace list in our catalog. Through this link you can easily find which books are available and put any others on hold. The list was created to share the message of creating unity, acting with kindness toward others, and promoting peace.

If you are interested in more book recommendations, please don't hesitate to contact Erin Wilson, the Children's & YA Librarian,



Picture Books: New Organization System!

by Erin Wilson, Children's & YA Librarian

'Do you have books about monsters? My daughter is planning to be a monster for Halloween and we need some books for inspiration!’

As the Children’s Librarian, I can immediately think of my favorite monster books (including I Need My Monster by Amanda Noll) but for most parents, kids, and librarians, finding pictures on specific subjects has always meant a catalog search followed a search in on the shelves for books by author. Even if your catalog search is successful, and your hunt on the shelves is successful, chances that 10 minutes later you’ll have found five books, with only one of them meeting your daughter’s needs…and if your daughter decides she wants books about fairies as well as monsters, you have to start all over again!

Recognizing how frustrating this can be, the Sausalito Library has recently reorganized our Picture Book collection into easily browsable categories. Children’s Librarians around the country, and elsewhere in Marin, are also using this system and it has been wildly successful.

Here in Sausalito we have seven categories: about me, concepts, fantasyland, favorites, nature, go, and our world, in addition about 40% of our collection remains in the general ‘picture book’ collection, like before. Each category is easily identifiable by signage and colored stickers on the book spines.

Under our new organization, you could simply go to the fantasyland section, with its royal blue stickers, and find books about monsters, as well as fairies, pirates, aliens, and other types of imaginary play. Maybe the monster costume becomes a monster-alien-fairy costume….with picture books as inspiration you never know!


New (New sticker): Anything from the last two months.

About me (light blue): Emotions, manners, families, pets, loss and grief, siblings, and making friends.

My Body (orange): The body, including potty training and getting dressed.

Bedtime (purple): All about going to bed.

Concepts (pink): Counting, ABC, colors, opposites, and shapes.

School (bright green): Preschool, kindergarten, teachers, school friends.

GO (GO sticker): Fire engine, trucks, trains, airplanes, bikes, boats: anything that GOES.

Fantasyland (dark blue): Let’s pretend and imagination: pirates, ballerinas, mermaids, witches (not Halloween), fairies, unicorns, and dragons. Does not include Folk & Fairy Tales. 

Favorites (red): Well-known and/or loved titles, as well as some award winners. Books you would give a parent or teacher asking for a ‘great’ or ’classic’ picture book. 

Nature (green): The natural world: seasons, farming, growing food, and animals.

Our World (yellow): Celebrations, cultural events, community helpers, and role models.