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The Sausalito News began publication as Sausalito's weekly newspaper in February 1885 and continued, with slight name changes, until 1966, when it discontinued operations. From that time until 1971, Sausalito was without a local newspaper. In April 1971 the Sausalito Marin Scope began publication. It remains Sausalito's weekly newspaper.

Sausalito News Digital Archive: 1885-1966

sau news 175x214Thanks to generous grants from the Sausalito Library Foundation and the Sausalito Historical Society, the Sausalito Public Library is able to provide digital access to scanned issues of the Sausalito News from February 1885 through December 1966. The Sausalito News ceased publication in 1966. Note: The Sausalito News was known as the Marin News from 1959 to 1965.

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Sausalito Marin Scope Digital Archive: 1971-2018

marin scope. 175x245 Thanks to the generosity of Marin Scope Community Newspapers and the Sausalito Library Foundation, a digital archive of the Sausalito Marin Scope is available from its inception in 1971 through 2017. The years 1971 to 2010 are available full-text over the open web through the California Digital Newspaper Collection. The years 2011 to 2018 are searchable over the open web but the text of articles may only be viewed if you are inside the Sausalito Library. Print copies of 2019 editions are also available at the library.

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