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Among his other accomplishments, Alan Watts (1915-1973) was foremost a master of communications. During his lifetime he wrote more than twenty books on philosophy, psychology of religion, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Zen. More than twenty posthumous collection of his work have also been published. His radio programs and recorded lectures continue to be popular to this day. Since Alan Watts lived and worked on the ferryboat Vallejo in Sausalito in the sixties, his name is usually linked with Sausalito’s sixties counterculture and artist Jean Varda.

Alan Watts Lectures on CD

watts cd 150x149pxThe Sausalito Public Library has a large collection of Alan Watts lectures on CD available to check out. The CDs are located in the Audiobook section of the Library.

Within the spoken word arena, Alan Watts lectured to a specific audience. Large collegiate audiences amused Alan Watts, and in that context, he described himself as a "philosophical entertainer."  In contrast, the Alan Watts seminars were weekend events occurring at someone’s home or studio, usually with 20 or 30 students in attendance.

Complete List of Alan Watts Lectures on CD

Books by Alan Watts

watts book 139x215px The Sausalito Library owns many works written by Alan Watts, published during or after his lifetime. In his books, his principal concern was the exploration and explanation of man’s basic identity with the universe, underlying and having greater reality than the apparently separate person. 

Books by Alan Watts in the Sausalito Library Collection



Alan Watts E-Books, E-Audiobooks, and E-Video

watts ebook150x216pxA number of works by Alan Watts are available within the Library's e-book, e-audiobook, and downloadable video collections. A MARINet library card and PIN are necessary to log into the collections. Video collections are available to Sausalito residents only. Please call 289-4123 for assistance -- or send email to

Alan Watts E-Books
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