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The Alchemy of Happiness

Speaker Series
The Alchemy of Happiness
Thursday, January 16
7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers

There are five major desires of humankind – life, peace, power, knowledge, and happiness. A lasting happiness appears seldom achieved, and most blame this failing on some external lack. Yet, if happiness could be achieved by the fulfillment of any desire external to oneself, many more would be so. This lecture by Psychologist and Sausalito resident Adam Milgram will discuss the direction where to seek and find happiness, what behaviors will facilitate and/or impede it, and how to maintain it. Adam is a student of psychology, mysticism, and spirituality, and has read and practiced widely in these areas. Throughout the past 45 years, he has integrated his experience and understanding of psychology and spirituality into a psychospiritual perspective.

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